innovative Promotionsförderung im Bereich translationale Entzündungsforschung

Understanding inflammatory processes in autoimmune diseases and infections is crucial for the development of new therapeutic approaches and thus for the prospects of curing patients. A new, enthusiastic and well-trained generation of medical scientists can contribute significantly to understand the inflammatory pathways in the context of diseases. With iPRIME-EKFS, an innovative doctoral funding program in the field of translational inflammation research was established.

Interdisciplinary projects in the fields of organ-specific and organ-spanning immune responses in the kidney, liver, CNS, intestine, and fetomaternal medicine are processed with the latest techniques. The students work full time in the laboratory for one year and are supervised by a competent team of scientists during this time and are optimally trained by an innovative structured training concept. 

Projects 2022/2023
Autumn Call
Johannes Bächer
"Transcriptional Regulation of the Hepatitis B Virus minichromosome in vivo"
 Phaidon Christodoulou
"T-cell mediated endothelial cell death in cerebral malaria (CM)"
Christoph Combes
"Nanobody-based IgM heavy-chain antibodies for targeting plasma cells and myeloma cells"
 David da Fonseca Araújo
"Adaptive immune response in human Mpox infection"
 Leonie Dupas
"Development of an in vitro model to monitor endothelial dysfunction and immune cell intravasation"
 Emilia Göke
"Analyzing the protective role of B-cells in colitis on sclerosis cholangitis"
 Stefanie Gräfe
"Spatial Profiling of molecular therapeutic responses in IBD"
 Susanne Große Höötmann
"Identifying the impact of maternal Covid-19 during pregnancy on fetal immune development and early life immunity"
 Josina Hofer
"Identifying the impact of prematurity on early-life immunity and risk for childhood infections"
Jonathan May
"Use of machine learning for the identification of the most relevant immune traits defining a faulty T cell development in humans"
 Tobias Neben
"Role of the transcription factor TCF7 in Th17 cell plasticity and stability in renal autoimmune disease"
 Alexander Pausch
"Elucidating the intraglomerular signaling via extracellular vesicles in vitro"
 Noemi Schlepper
"Characterization of protein biomarker candidates for prediction of immunotherapeutic outcome in adjuvant melanoma"
 Pauline Schuppert
"Establishment of enteric neurospheres from patients with congenital malformations of the gut"
 Yasmin Spiegel
"Lysosomal dysfunction in Membranous Nephropathy"
 Pauline Wiemers
"Identification of sex-specific altered CD8 T cell immunity in response to prenatal stress in a murine influenza A infection model"
Spring Call
Leonard Blumenthal
"Deciphering the interaction of human immune cells with iPSC derived kidney organoids"
Janna Clausen
"Identifying Phenotype-associated Subpopulations of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells by Integrating Single-Cell RNA Sequencing and Flow Cytometry Data"
Valentina König
"The role of murine cytomegalovirus glycoproteins in neuropilin-1- dependent infection of trophoblasts"
Malte Lingstaedt
"Do Microglia conduct aberrant complement dependent pruning in NeuroHIV?
Justus Neuendorff
"Interactions between the wildling’s microbiota and the regulatory function of Il-22 in IBD"
Du Huy Nguyen
"Investigating the role of regulatory T cells in the context of cerebral vasculitis"


Projects 2021/2022
Kaan Basar
“Mechanisms of degradation of the membranous nephropathy antigen THSD7A”
Isabel Graf
"Microvesicles as messenger of placental endothelial dysregulation”
Luisa Kammler
"The role of Prion Protein in the uptake of astrocyte-derived extracellular vesicles under steady-state and inflammatory conditions“
Tayyip Kehribar
"Vaccination reactions of BioNTech vaccinated pregnant women”
Jonathan Kolbe
"Evaluation of interferon-based therapies for distinct Hepatitis Delta Virus strains in vitro and in vivo"
Gaby Lee
"In vitro stroke model with heterocellular cerebral organoids“
Constantin Möller
"Depleting IgE producing B-cells using bispecific engagers to treat allergic diseases”
Luca Pape
"Comparison of CD38- & CD269-specific nanobodies and diabodies for molecular imaging and therapy of haematological neoplasms”
Antonio Piontek
"Characterisation of immune cells during CAR T cell therapy-related adverse events"
Niklas Sabra
"Using multiplex imaging to decode the effects of machine perfusion in kidney transplantation”
Hans-Christian Schmidt
"Evaluation of the influence of NETS in the biliatresone-induced Biliary Atresia Model”
Marius Witt
"Functional relevance of the combinatorial targeting of CD39 and CD73 in combination with TIGIT/PVR/PVRL2 axis in ovarian cancer"
Tim Zell
"Role of a plasma protein in resistance to immunotherapy in melanoma patients"


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