iPRIME Clinician Scientist Program

The Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung – Clinician Scientist program was awarded in 2021 to the iPRIME-CS program headed by Tobias B. Huber and Ulf Panzer from the HCKH. iPRIME-CS connects our doctoral curriculum iPRIME (awarded by the EKFS and headed by Tobias B. Huber and Ulf Panzer) and the Advanced Clinician Scientist program iSTAR (awarded by the BMBF in 2021, headed by Samuel Huber, Marylyn Addo and Tobias B. Huber) complementing a truly unique medical clinician-scientist educational path.

iPRIME-CS provides an individualized clinician-scientist curriculum and infrastructure for scientifically and clinically highly motivated doctors at the beginning of their specialist training. The program provides a sustainable iPRIME-CS career plan up to medical specialist (6 years), including 24 month of protected research time, integration into a working group of HCKH team leaders and the development of an independent scientific profile.


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