Harry Holthöfer, MD/PhD

Professor, Research Director

Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine (FIMM)

University of Helsinki, Finland


Current Position

Since 2016

Professor, Research Director

Since 2016

Co-coordinator, BEAt-DKD EU project

University Training


Docent, Medical Cell Biology, University of Helsinki


PhD, University of Helsinki


Medical Doctor, University of Helsinki

Academic qualifications

2018 - 2021

Visiting Professor, III Department of Medicine, University of Hamburg, Germany

2009 - 2015

Visiting Professor, Sun-Yat sen University Medical School Guangzhou, China

2006 - 2016

Professor, Director and Chair of BioAnalytical Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland

2001 - 2006

Professor, Director, Technomedicum Research Institute, University of Helsinki

1985 - 1987

Postdoctoral Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York 

Previous professional career

Clinical postgraduate education:


Special Training, Clinical Microbiology/Immunology

Scientific postgraduate education:

1995 - 1996

Visiting Professor, Medical University Munich, Germany (Prof. Schlondorff, Prof. Kretzler)


Visiting Scientist, Institue of Chemistry/Lipidology, Bonn University, Germany (Prof. Sandhoff)

1985 - 1987

Postdoctoral Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York  (Prof. D. Schlondorff)

Selected awards and honors

since 1995

Coordinator/Leadership, 7 successful highly competed EU-programs

2015 - 2016

Senior Fellow, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies

1985 - 1987

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship

Martinistraße 52
Campus Research N27
20246 Hamburg Germany
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University Medical Center Hamburg - Eppendorf