Systems nephrology and cellular immunity

Christian Krebs

Mission Statement

“Targeting pro-inflammatory T cell responses in renal autoimmunity”

— Christian Krebs, MD

Team Members


Alina Borchers

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Clinician scientist

Malte Hellmig, MD

Post Doc

Saskia Jauch-Speer, PhD

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Lilaf Mamo

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MD student

Tobias Neben

PhD student

Varshi Sivayoganathan

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Post Doc

Zeba Sulatana, PhD

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©Christian Krebs

T cells play a critical role in the pathogenesis in autoimmune diseases due to their ability to differentiate into pathogenic effector Th1 and Th17 cells or protective regulatory T cells (Treg). Using multiomics approaches, we characterize human T cells from the kidneys of patients with glomerulonephritis and functionally validate new concepts in preclinical models. 

Our long-term goal is to improve treatment of patients with glomerulonephritis. We will identify mechanisms for a shift of pro-inflammatory Th17 cells towards an anti-inflammatory phenotype and to generate targeted therapies for the depletion of pathogenic T cells in the kidney.

Christian Krebs, MD

Systemsnephrology and Cellular Immunity

III. Department of Medicine, Translational Immunology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)
Martinistr. 52, 20246 Hamburg, Germany


Current Position

since 2022

W2-professor for Systemsnephrology and Cellular Immunity

University Training

1997 – 2005

Study of Medicine, Universities of Göttingen and Hamburg, Germany

Academic qualifications


Habilitation in Internal Medicine / Nephrolgoy


MD-thesis: ADP-ribolyslation of cell surface proteins on lymphocytes, (summa cum laude)

Previous professional career

Clinical postgraduate education:


Board Certification Immunology


Consultant, III. Department of Medicine and Translational
Immunology, UKE Hamburg


Board Certification Internal Medicine / Nephrology

2005 – 2018

Attending Physician, III. Department of Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf, Prof. Dr. Rolf A.K. Stahl and Prof. Dr. Tobias B. Huber

Scientific postgraduate education:

2014 – 2017

Gerok Position at the CRU 1192 “Immune-mediated Glomerular Diseases”


Gerok Position at the Clinical Research Unit 228 (KFO 228) “Immunopathogenesis and Therapy of Glomerulonephritis”


Research fellowship of the Forschungsförderungsfond für Medizin from the University Medical Center deanery

Selected awards and honors


Hans-U. Zollinger Award (from the German Society of Nephrology for the best immunological research work published in 2016 in nephrology)


Dr. Martini-Award (for the best research work published in 2013 at the UKE, oldest German award for medical research)


Stipend from the German Society of Nephrology (DGfN) for the project “Plasticity of the TH17 immune response in experimental glomerulonephritis”




Medac-Award for Immunology (Award for the best immunological MD thesis at the UKE)


Stipent of the Werner Otto-Foundation

Selected publications

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