Speed Translation-Oriented Progress to Treat FSGS

STOP-FSGS consortium has made an enormous contribution to unravel molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying FSGS, to develop novel diagnostic tools and to identify novel biomarkers and potential therapeutic strategies. Building on these achievements, STOP-FSGS will now:

1. combine the high-resolution microscopy-, high-end imaging-, single cell biology- and AI-based STOP-FSGS-workflows enabling an improved and novel FSGS disease stratification and prediction.

2. refine the STOP-FSGS diagnostic biomarkers by applying non-invasive imaging, workflows to measure the activity of soluble factors and personalized screening tools (zebrafish and iPSCs).

3. devise novel patient-tailored therapeutic strategies achieved by high-throughput FDA-approved drug screening, developing novel delivery routes (AAV-based gene therapy, nanoparticle based delivery) and establishing new clinical diagnostic algorithms.

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