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Save the kidney

Nordverbund Niere

The Förderverein Nordverbund Niere- Save the Kidney e. V. is a cross-location association of renowned scientists and renal physicians from Greifswald, Hamburg, Hannover, Kiel and Rostock for goal-oriented research on the kidney.



The European Rare Kidney Disease Reference Network

ERKNet is the European Reference Network for Rare Kidney Diseases, a consortium of 72 nephrology centers of expertise for children and adults in 24 European countries, serving more than 70.000 patients with rare kidney diseases.



Kidney International

NephCure Kidney International’s mission is to accelerate research for effective treatments for rare forms of Nephrotic Syndrome, and to provide education and support that will improve the lives of those affected by these protein-spilling kidney diseases.



Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network

Neptune is a research consortium of physician scientists at 26 sites in the United States and Canada. NEPTUNE strives to bring the latest advances in research to patients diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), Minimal Changes Disease (MCD), and Membranous Nephropathy (MN) with an overarching goal of utilizing precision medicine for rare diseases.



International Society of Glomerular Disease

ISGD is led by an international collective of experts in glomerular disease science and clinical care. In keeping with our ethos of cross-stakeholder collaboration, our steering committee includes not only practicing physicians and researchers, but also representation from allied professional societies, patient organizations, and industry.

Practice areas and specializations on the team include nephrology, pediatric nephrology, renal pathology, immunology, and genetics, as well as clinical, translational, and basic research.



Kidney Precision Medicine Project

The KPMP is a multi-year collaboration of leading research institutions to study patients with kidney disease.


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